Nude Advertising and Marketing the Northeast Naturist Festival on Main Street USA

A Nude Advertisements Experiment
Last summer at FKK Upstate NY we decided to attempt a cross cultural ( nudie / non-nudie ) experiment.
So the nude advertising experiment we determined to try is public marketing of the event. We took two sorts of fliers out and went door to door (Main Street businesses) to spread them. One flier had a nudie group photo of 50 naked participants from last year’s occasion. The other flier had only text describing the function in general terms, and a line at the bottom explaining that it would be held at a nudist park. We solicited passers by and went to three types of establishments and requested permission to show the fliers in their own shops / places of business. Along with the random passersby, the three kinds of companies approached were:
1) Local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms. These farms usually have significantly more than a hundred families and people who see weekly. They’re like mini-communities. They are normally of an alternate, more liberal mindset compared to the public. Lots of nuts and yogurt’ crowd, and granola heads, etc.
3) Decidedly option, or hippie shops, visited by well . . . mostly hippies, or alternate types.
Naked Promotion & Promotion Naturism
The reactions were enormously different and a bit surprising. The CSA owners, who one would think are of the general right mindset to be open for nudism / nudity (natural, open-minded, back to nature, healthy food etc.) were clearly surprised, even moderately shocked I could say, at our request. It was as if they had never learned of naturism at all, and the thought of nudity put them ill at ease. They would not show the flier with nudity for anxiety about backlash from parents / kids. They declared most people would be open to it, but they simply dreaded the ten percent that would not. It’d be bad for business.
The mainstream type shops were also taken aback and surprised about the flier with nudity – they cannot get past the nudie picture to even contemplate the actual nature of the big event. But when presented with the text-based flyer – no naked picture – they were really open and I had no trouble getting five flyers into mainstream / road shops for display – even when I certainly clarified it was a NATURIST occasion. I got a lot of grins, friendly responses, and prompt collaboration.
Passers by on the road – I merely approached them naturally and confidently. I just said, Here is something maybe you are interested in – Before I begin writing anything else and before I ‘s our annual unclothed stock!’ I was met with friendly grins, chuckles, and We chose to head to – – in Lutz, Florida (Near Tampa). than disbelief. I found that my self-confidence was matched with a confident effect. People usually thanked me for the info, and suggested they’d actually think about it and perhaps attend. Would they? Perhaps some will in the future. Certainly next time they strike something regarding naturism they’ll recall a positive, assured dialogue, and thereby hopefully be more open.
Finally, as one would expect, all the hippie / choice institutions agreed without hesitation to show the flier with the unclothed picture. One person even said, “That Is how I prefer to be [nude] . . .” She put out a complete heap of the fliers right on the front counter. Actually they all did!
First a disclaimer – my sample set had not been huge – so statistics are out of the question. Nonetheless, sociologically speaking it was a valuable learning experience, and enjoyable. Below are some decisions:
1) Do not be afraid to talk openly and confidently about naturism. Most folks, even if surprised, settle down and are surprisingly OPEN. If you’re confident, and symbolize naturism as the healthy standard and interesting action it’s, they will resonate with the exact same openness. If you are tentative, timid, fearful, or seem embarrassed they will not accept naturism. It’s funny, because as a farmer and horse proprietor I will let you know it is the exact same with your livestock. If you ride your horse with fear the horse is scared and spooky. If you ride with confidence the horse learns to trust you and is assured in response to your own queues.
2) As I address in my own fourth sex positive site, “in your face” activism is terrifying, even shocking, and offensive to many. They want the option and freedom to determine how they would like to view and respond to nudity – they don’t want it shoved inside their faces. If you give them that option (fliers without bare photographs) they’re open, and you’ve got an excellent potential for winning them over. If you attempt to push nudity, (pictures or perhaps live, in the incorrect context), you get a LOT more resistance, and you may be turning folks away. Remember, folks desire exactly the same option you need – no one likes to be pulled against their will to anything, particularly when it’s as sensitive as nudity.
3) In my first sex-positive blog I talked about nudie/non-nudie, dialogue as “cross-cultural.” There is no consistent “mainstream America.” America consists of unending ethnic markets. One must learn to identify them and customize the manner we present naturism and nudity to them, to be able to gain more individuals for naturism.

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A “one size fits all” approach is not appropriate. The hippie / substitute establishments responded very differently than a retail outlet, or CSA, aimed at the public. In like fashion it is distinct being bare in Central Park vs. Wall Street. We can do lots of good, or a lot of damage, by the way we “read” the cultural market we’re addressing.
I hope these ideas encourage you to be more active in gaining people for naturism, and allow you to think about how you do it, so as to be most effective. A lot of this is dependant on the theory’ I ‘m laying out within my sex positive blogs, so check those out – they’ll help set more context for this discussion, and future blogs I will be intending.

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We are Steve and Susanne, leaders of the FKK Upstate New York Chapter. We appreciate the independence, rest, and healing power of naturism, and are interested in sharing our experiences with others.

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