Scene – October, early evening, sun just going down and about 70 degree’s. Me (Dingbat #1) the recently

discovered nudist detects that the timer driven outdoor lights didn’t go on because I had forgotten to reset it.

Hmm, timer is outside in front of the home in a surburban neighborhood, no fences anywhere and I live in a cul de sac. It’s right outside the door, NO ONE is around I Will just step outside real quickly, change the timer and no damage done right? Right.

Open door, step though, close door because interior lights are on and I actually don’t want to supply a comprehensive shadow to my clueless(about my lifestyle anyway) neighbors. Adjust timer, will pop on in 5 min. Amazing. Open the door…jiggle handle…jiggle handle furiously…invent swear words while feelings of overexposure place in.

Quickly look around while trying to remember if we actually bought the spare key and had the presence of mind to set in exterior somewhere for similar, but clothed crises. NOPE! Still on the counter. Excellent. to far to walk, garage car door closed but for some reason, walk thru is broken open.

The garage door is open. Excellent. I’ll just quicly walk over that way and AS I TURN AROUND, my next door neighbors drive up in the van AND my neighbors around the way who live in their own back yard walk by on the pavement with their dog.

Amazing. “Um….hi?”

Nobility is not a birthright, it’s defined by one’s actions.

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