Naturally, erections should be covered up!

However, they’ll happen dispite everyone’s efforts to stop them because many of us are still making the transition from the fabric lifestyle. Male physiology makes it impossible for a man to stay fully flaccid throughout the day.

Most kind guests at a beach or resort are awfully embarrased by erections and are asking for ideas on this forum about how to prevent them and the best way to gracefully make your way out when they do happen. Many of us who are new to this life would likewise like some assurance that the problem will diminish with time and better comprehension.

A G string isn’t an acceptable alternative. Entire nudity is the standard state for men as well as girls.

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We should learn new thinking and behaviour, not go back to the cloth world’s manner of viewing things. I’ve never seen male G strings for sale everywhere. Even if I could find one, I wouldn’t wear it. Many naturists and fairminded fabric folks would consider it more sexually provocative than mere innocent nudity.

A libertine or an exhibitionist may sometimes drift into a nudist crowd, but I am not talking about them. Most naturists want such individuals evicted from polite society.

I do believe it is helpful to discuss etiquette and basic biology. I wish I had learned a few of these lessons when I was a boy, maybe of middle school age. It’s not rational for children to suffer in ignorance and silence because grownups are too embarassed to talk about the facts of life and about , even the less sensitive matters.

It’s been suggested that a public forum is improper for such candid talks, because children may stumble upon it. I hope that parents and teachers are carefully monitoring the Internet usage of children and providing some guidance to teenagers. I firmly believe that at some age, maybe middle school, boys and girls have to be reading the type of advice in this forum and have their parents there to lead them through these topics that they’ll shortly be faced with at the cusp of adolescence. To support my contention, I have to call to the truth that INA has created a thread specifically to discuss problems like this.

To GalSurfer: I am especially worried concerning the sensitivities of the female contributors to this newsgroup. Allow me to assure you that I am opposed to sexual “flaunting” as you place it, because it is demeaning and intimidating to those people who are made to bear it. I believe some of us made a poor choice of words by saying “arousal” without fast explaining that in its mildest form, it might not be perceptible to the casual observer. I do not understand any men of good will who’d not fast retreat from public view if issues took a turn for the worse. If any readers don’t know how to act, this newsgroup can help quickly bring “newbie” behavior in line with our community’s standards. Improved to learn it here than on the beach!

There was a water park/ theme park that I used to attend many years ago. The signage in the locker rooms for the water park was

really inferior. Additionally, the entrance required folks right past a row of changing booths with no drapes, or a clear view of a number of the showers. This resulted in a predicament where unknowing girls, sometimes with their children in tow, would wander in, simply to locate me or other men in a naked state. The results were always one of two things. Either A) the woman would apologize, I would say, “That Is alright,” and the woman would leave or cool.gif the girl would look stunned and stand there .

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

I would say, ” This is the men’s locker room.” would nod and leave.

The textile public swimming pool I belonged to before I moved this year had a men’s locker that regularly found women drifting in, believing they were on the lady’s side. Upon seeing me or other nude guys, they’d consistently, gently, turn and leave, or apologize and leave. I would say it happened maybe once or twice per year. Just once did I ever hear one of the guys express irritation.

On the rest room use, I was once at a visitor’s centre at a national park where there was a long line of ladies outside both the women, and the men’s room. As I approached the men’s room, one of the ladies advised me, ” if you only need to utilize the urinal, you can go right in. As none of the ladies in line disputed that, I avoided them and used the urinal. Nobody seemed to care. When I was at an airport in a foreign country a couple of years back, I walked into the men’s room to discover a lady cleaning the floors. I turned around, to look for another rest room, but she told me, ” No no, you can use ( the facility).” Again, neither of beach hard on seemed to care, so all was well.

I asked my wife if she’d ever discovered any guys roaming into the ladies locker room. She told me that just once did she ever see this kind of thing. Once, while she was at our textile pool, changing clothing, she heard the female attendant yell, ” Workmen are coming through the locker room.” Seen by the attendant, 2 male workers walked through, inspecting some work that had been done. My wife wasn’t visible to them at the time and nobody was using the showers, which had no curtains.

Ever since I was a kid I was interested in the nude body.

My curiosity began from seeing a shower curtain in my parents bath room that had a naked girl on it. Then I saw my grandpa walking naked to the bathroom, when my grandparents stayed at my parents house for a visit.
I believe my mom was or is into nudism, because she didn’t wear underwear, instead she wore pantyhose. I believe my parents may have attempted swinging, because one morning we children found a pin-the-boobs-on-the- russian young nudist hanging on the den wall from one of their celebrations they had the night before. Me and my brother would also look through my father’s playboy magazines while our parents were out shopping.
All these things made me interested but mainstream society portrayed nudist as quacks, along with the body as smelly and filthy.
But I found out later in life that the body smell is because of bacteria that develops in wet dim areas, like parts of the body that sweats a lot, and are covered by clothing.
To prove that point,I was told by a physician while I was enlisted in in the military, to get rid of this recurring rash I had between my legs, was to wear no pants in my room when I was alone.
A another thing that drew me closer to nudism was the nude travel magazines I’d see in book stores.

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Well, I began nudism with skinny dipping, and naked hike at golf courses during the night. Then I started roller blading and bicycling naked on bike trails early in the morning while it was dark out.
I then graduated to hiking naked during the day in woods and parks.
I now wear clothing when I have to to function in a clothed society.
I don’t have any shame in nudism since I believe we were created by a God
and not the result of evolution,and that he made every living thing, and then he created man and his wife. He ordered them to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, and have dominion over all the world. As well as the guy and also the girl were naked and had no shame.
The next reason I have no shame is because all of God’s creature are nude. I actually don’t see them crafting themselves clothed, or trying to hide their bodies out of .
What I would like to investigate next is social nudism. The only thing that is holding me up with this adventure is a lot of the nudism resort around here charge $80 to spend one day at their resorts.
The next issue is plenty of resort don’t enable single men.

The summer after my 8th grade I went to the Crimea. My mother and me were sunbathing on a beach.

It had been some time since I learnt to swim by then and I dare say I was jolly good at it. We’d see the exact same location each day, and I was quite keen on going someplace else, but for the dearth of a better option I was swimming alongside the seashore. I’d swim quite a space, and once I reached so far that I saw a stone sticking out of water – I practically instantaneously made up my mind about swimming behind it and seeing what was there.
When I eventually got there my eyes fell upon a significant sight – several men and girls were sunbathing there completely naked! I’d discovered about nudism before and hence I wasn’t quite shocked But as long as I had my bathing suit on I did not dare to come out of water and watch them, and so I was looking at them from where I were. I had my diving glasses on me, so I pretended to be diving to see the seascape while in fact I was quite much more interested in seeing folks who were swimming without their bathing suits and trunks. In read of fact, I had seen naked men before, but now submerged nudity was something more exciting. as soon as I got back to the hotel the beliefs of the day would not leave me.
The following day mother stayed in the hotel and I went to the shore accompanied by my pal. I told her about the yesterday’s nude beach, and we raced there for a new share of opinions. On our way there we reached the conformity not to take off our bathing suits, but only to see other people enjoying outside naked. Eventually we reached the nude beach and made ourselves comfy. Our previous observation was that for the folks around it was a matter of fact thing to walk around beach babe nude , both for men and for women. And no one paid the least attention to one another!
My friend took off the top of her bathing suit, and I, too, was hungry for new sensations Am I a chicken or not, after all? And it was then that I GOT FULLY NUDE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. I cannot put into words the feeling it carried me. It felt as if I were some sort of a star set upon the scene along with all the eyes looking at me. but that was not nearly all! I visited the water edge and stepped in,, and it was as though waves were caressing me. I actually don’t understand what was that feeling about, but I never got to feel anything of that type while wearing a swimsuit. I managed to relax in water and did not feel embarrassed anymore – after all, one could not see much of my body while I was in water
But after a while, when I Had had enough of swimming, it was time for me to come out of water, and it was then that I saw that the beach by now was even more packed than before, and I got that feeling that everybody was there lined to see me coming out of water in my birth costume. So I called up my friend and asked her to bring over my swimming trunks because I was kind of embarrassed to come out of water as I were. But she just laughed at me!
Having nothing to do, I pretended I was a supermodel prepared to make her appearance on stage. And with my nose up in the air I made it to the coast certainly nude in front of all spectators that were there to see me. Oddly, the crowd didn’t break in applause. I looked at the beachers around me, but not one of them seemed to pay no attention to me and just minding their very own business. I even sensed a wee bit disappointed by that fact Those were my first impressions of getting suntanned evenly. Now I sunbathe just bare, and I’m not put off by the existence of people in swimsuits. If they’re there it only goes to show that they respect me and enjoy it all and are merely frightened to do it themselves so far.
As for the procedure for getting suntanned without swimsuit – I cannot even describe the sensation of having your body caressed by the gentle breeze, and what’s best – you’ve got no wet cloth clinging to you after you’ve bathed. The overall feeling is simply TERRIFIC. In fact, for them on could brush away fears and embarrassment and other prejudices.

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Well yesterday I finally had the chance to bare the nat- ural, and walk into the sun.

To swim carefree in this world. in para- dice.
The beaches in the sun. The feeling of the air on my body as well as the coolness of the clear clean salt waters of the carabean ocean were beyond words. to walk in the most natural and free manner possible, like it was meant to be be. Without a spirit to attention. their were hundreds others around
but they also were swimming carefree in this wonderful spot, observing schools of fish swim by, and talking to each other like they were best friends. Others were out walking on the fine white sands of . We were talking and unashamed, floating and swimming easily in the wonderful azure waters of the bay, the sun warming us with its intense life giving rays from above. Gone were the issues I’ve had in days gone by with a swimsuit filling up with air and sand and binding in the worst possible of ways. It was wonderful not to need to sit down in a soggy swimsuit for a change. Walking down the shore couldn’t have been simpler because even though we all looked a little different, we were all really the same, with no racial, social or sexual hurdles to overcome.
My wife on the other hand was a little uncomfortable to say the least. In my heart I know she’d have loved it if she’d have attempted it, but there were too many issues for her to conquer before she could justify losing her body armor. In case you like you could blame it on age, you could attribute it on her self image. You could say it is the taboos someone has drilled into her head for years, the body is poor, and seeing it’s ,or something. ( I do not really know everywhere that this is backed up by facts!)
You could say she’s a little set in My first experience was at a club in South Carolina. I told my wife we were going to attempt something different and I told her about my ides. She wasn’t actually convinced I ‘d go through with it but her doubts were erased when we pulled into the gate with our camper. I was able to readily accommodate to this new diversion but my wife was more apprehensive. She did participate in the nude actions but she was very reserved and not very talkative which is unusual for her. I thought that she had warmed up to to it by the next day but afterwards I learned that she was ready to leave when the time came.
As for me, the experience was profound. I ‘d one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. I especially appreciated the swimming and lounging by the pool. Usually, I get antsy when I hang out by a pool for a couple hours and I am prepared to go a do something different but being by the pool naked was so relaxing that I would have remained for a week if time had permitted. Following the experience, I was prepared to go again but my wife didn’t share my delight. She was glad she went but would favor that she never go again. We’ve been 2 times since then but she kept to herself and did not engage with others in any way. To me, the most entertaining of all is having the ability to discuss with like minded people and only enjoy the company of other folks doing the same things I like to do.
I still very much love being nude in a societal setting but my wife does not like it and wishes I ‘d only give it up. I keep hoping that things will change but for now, I a catch the chance to appreciate some nude diversion whenever my wife is away (which is not often) or I can spend just a few hours AWOL when she’s occupied with a wedding shower or some sort of “girl” occasion. I keep hoping that one day she’ll change her mind and be more amenable to this but for now, I’m simply considering it slow.manners or a little hard headed. You could say she only thought nude was primitive and lewd, and consistently sexual in content. I must acknowledge I believe that this is a shame that 90% of the worlds people are driven by these same miss guided principles. I think I’m fortunate to join the 10% or so who may be slightly more receptive to these not so new notions.
The Natural One

How I found the marvels of nudist lifestyle

I chose to discuss my first experience with nudism for a quite simple reason. I’m confident that there are lots of girls and women who feel like I felt and who aren’t entirely sure whether nudism is something for them. I’m here to let you know that it is among the best things in the world and that everyone should at least give it a go. But, let us start from the beginning.
I grew up in a little English town with parents who loved me and still love me but who were raised very traditionally and who approached my upbringing with the same rigorous strategy they were given. They always stated that it did them no harm and that it makes up for a regular person once he or she grows up. I had the misfortune (or, more precisely a fortune), of becoming best friends with a girl called Daphne really early in my life. Now Daphne grew up in a fairly liberal family and I envied her. Whereas she went with her girlfriends on vacations, I needed to go with my parents, or at least up until I turned 18. This was the first time that I went abroad without them and I went with Daphne.
We went to Croatia, a little country in the Mediterranean where it still feels like it’s not spoiled by mass tourism. It was Daphne’s thought and it wasn’t until we got on the airplane that she revealed her strategies. We were going to one of the nudist camps that Croatia was famed for back in the day and where there are still great nudist camps. I was lost for words. I ‘d no idea that Daphne was into and as it turned out she was not. It was her first time as well. She simply believed it’d be a interesting idea. It goes without saying that I was mortified, but the awareness of independence of visiting seaside without my parents was intoxicating and I went along.
We made it to the camp late in the evening and we went to sleep straight away. The next morning, we were woken up by the scorching summer light and by wonderful odors of the Mediterranean. We determined to be somewhat less daring when we went to the reception and they told us that they’ve their very own shore. We decided to get it over with immediately and we took off our clothes and did it. This is how the day that changed my life started.
When we got to the beach, it was full of nude people old, young, married, couples, kids, you name it, they were there. I was so frightened that everybody will be looking at me that I almost passed out. But I understood that no one cared. Everyone was going about their particular company and we place our towels down to sunbathe. When I lay down, I discovered the very first reason why nudists do it. The feeling of warm sunlight all over your body, on your breasts and down lower was among the most amazing things I have ever felt. I’m almost embarrassed that I started getting aroused the second I felt the warm sun on my vagina, it was as in the event the sun was caressing me and touching me in all the proper areas.
Afterward, we went for a swim and that was when I discovered the second reason why nudists do it. The cool water, after all the warmth of the sun was only insanely pleasurable. I felt my nipples hardening in young nudist sex of zeptoseconds and this abrupt reversal of temperature nearly gave me an orgasm. The only thing better than that was when we got out of the clearest water I’ve ever seen, back under the sun. The slow warming up of my whole body was entirely new to me, with no wet bikini clinging eternally. It was unbelievable. I honestly believe that if I’ve touched my clit, I’d have come in a second. I managed to hold back, at least until we got back to our room.
It was literally the very best day of my life.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I became a nudist in an extremely indirect way I was planning my approaching summer holidays

and was attempting to determine between Byron Bay and Port Stephens and was discussing both alternatives with numerous work collegues and eventually my supervisor. He explained he’d be holidaying in Port Stephens and was full of recommendations so I continued my research and found that Byron Bay was really going to be overly pricey and continued the discussions with my manager about Port Stephens.
He explained he would be spending most of his time at Samurai Beach, and that it had good surf along with an extremely friendly crowd. So on this particular information I studied Samurai Beach and discovered it was a legal clothing optional beach.
I eventually booked some accommodation and when I told him this I said, So, Ill be able to visit the nude beach with you as well as your own family, wont I.
He closed his office door and we had a long conversion about naturism, and that this was not a topic for general distribution in the office. He also surprised me by inviting me and a buddy to travel with his family Samurai Beach prior to the summer holidays and see if naturism was for me.
After a conversation with my closest friend, we agreed this was an excellent thought and have set a date for early November.
But my first time came a lot faster than that. Two days later my manager and I were assigned to spend two weeks working in New Caledonia and could fit in a few days on the beach or out on an associate’s boat exploring the atolls and cays offshore from Noumea.
The day we arrived we went to the beach at Anse Vata on the border of the capital city of Noumea. I had not anticipated to spend any time on the seashore so that day I began on the shore in a pair of gym shorts and top. After fifteen minutes, I realised that I was out of place with that amount of clothing on as it seemed every woman on the beach was wearing no more than a thong even the 14 and 15 yo girls.
So I stripped down to just the thong I was wearing under my short pants it seemed strange wearing so little in front of my boss (he was wearing his Speedos) but he appeared to not even notice, which really made me more comfortable.
That was the Sunday and we worked solidly until the following Friday which we had off in preparation to work the weekend. As I said he had organized for the two of us to borrow a boat and do some exploration so at 8:30 we left from Port Moselle in a 24 foot half cabin runabout and headed for Ilt Laregnere.
As soon as we’d cleared the marina he was down to his Speedos, and suggested that I could strip down if I wanted. I told him if he needed to go naked, I didnt mind so as we cleared the harbour and passed the last house he was nude at the wheel and I was wearing only my thong. We sailed on for an hour before we pulled up in the leeward of a gorgeous white sand island inside a coral lagoon.

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As my boss set the anchor I determined it was now or never and I slipped out of my thong. Aside from the two of us there was not another soul to be seen we spent the morning snorkelling (nude), sunbaking (naked), eating (bare). I dont now why but the feeling of the water as well as the sun on my body was so different exhilarating than it had been a few days before when I was wearing just a little more.
Just after eleven another boat arrived and dropped four couples and six adolescent kids at the shore before the boat disappeared, presumably back to Noumea. After they had set up camp of a few umbrellas and towels on the sand, the adults stripped off completely – soon followed by the adolescents. I was astounded to see adolescent boys and girls nude in front of each other, and in front of their parents, and mentioned this to my supervisor.
We then had a long conversation about naturism and the way that it crosses all age groups and after all I was only several years older than these children. Then he proposed we should swim in and say hello and have a chat. This looked like a big measure to be naked in front of strangers but he convinced me into the water and onto the seashore.
After a string of Bonjours and apologies for poor French we quickly fell into conversation and were offered drinks and an invitation to remain for lunch. We purchased the boat into the shallows and spent the remaining part of the day with our new friends.
All up we spent seven hours naked that day and I think it was among of my life. I was really surprised by the generosity and friendliness of the people as well as the easy with which the children socialized. I found the youngest was 13 and the eldest 18 but there was a constant connection among them. It was obvious that naturism was worth exploring.

Being naked on the beach is the hottest thing ever

HI, my name is Jennifer and I’d like to inform you about how I discovered one of the most awesome things ever. This is how I discovered that nude beaches are just unbelievably hot and that it’s the most teasing experience that you could possibly have, if you’re a girl that is. began about three years back when two of my girlfriends and I took our first vacation together. We were still in school and we decided to treat ourselves to something truly special, so we reserved a flight to the French Riviera, determined to spend some great times there until the money lasts. One of my pals, Beth, she even knew a bit of French, so we were ok.
Our hotel was practically on the beach and we spend the majority of the day on such shore for the first few days. We were having the time of our own lives, sunbathing, having fun in the water and going out in the evenings. And then, one day, two guys that we met last night on town approached us and we started talking again. They were these insanely adorable local guys, with perfect bodies, capturing as hell and did I say they were cunning? We were talking for hours on the seashore and then we asked them if it’s true there are beaches for nudists in the area because we heard something about it in the first few days. They said that it was true and that they sometimes go there. And then, for some reason, god knows what it was, we asked them if they could take us. They told us that they’d meet us tomorrow on ‘our’ shore with since you could not get there by land.
Tomorrow, the three of us were waiting for the men, all three still in our bikinis. We weren’t risking it or anything. They picked us up when we agreed and they brought another friend of theirs, equally cunning if not even cuter. They were also in shorts. We took a boat ride of perhaps 15 minutes. As it turned out this nudist beach was just around the corner. We couldn’t believe our eyes how amazing it was. It was a bit secluded, with no more than twenty people there. Simply the prettiest small shore you can imagine. As we were becoming closer, I saw that everyone on the seashore was totally bare. There were a few couples, a couple families and so on.
When we got off the boat, the men stripped immediately like it was nothing. We couldn’t believe it.

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It was like they didn’t mind at all that they were naked. And to tell you the truth, we did not at all. This was enough to rank among our best days ever, adorable French guys nude like the day they were born. We, however, were not that ready to get naked at once. My friends took of their tops and after a little while, we said what the hell and took everything away. We could see the men were trying really difficult to remain cool, but you could believe that they got 10 times as interested.
The funny thing is the fact that we kept on speaking as if everything was the same as it was on ‘our shore’, but you might feel the sex hanging in the air. No one was talking about it and it made everything even hotter. I really could sense the blood inside me boiling and I understood that everyone felt the same manner. It was obvious that everyone needed the same thing, but we all agreed, without saying anything, to keep it bottled inside. At a few minutes, I felt like I was really going to possess the greatest orgasm ever without any touches or anything. It was just unbelievable. As well as the feel of the sun and the water on my naked body… When I think about it now I feel all amusing, let alone afterward.
It was the hottest day I’ve ever had, and there clearly was no sex involved. Just being at the shore nude can do that.

I’d needed for quite a long time to visit a nude beach

and finally made it about 7 years ago. We’d been to topless beaches in teen nudism and I enjoyed seeing my wife expose her breasts. Although she was reluctant in the beginning, she soon got used to it and enjoyed going topless.
Now I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I frequently have nightmares where I’m completely naked in some public place and trying to hide myself. I wanted to visit a nude beach because I thought it would be interesting to see my wife naked in and so we could see other nude people.
In 2001 we toured Florida and remained for several nights in a motel in north Miami Beach. We soon learned there was a nude section of beach within walking distance so we went the next day. I thought my wife would just go topless so I was a little surprised when she ******** entirely bare. I did too, and was equally surprised that I enjoyed it. My wife was somewhat timid and never left our blanket, but after a while I went for a walk, and didnt feel self-conscious.
There were way more guys than women at the beach so my wife had more to look at than I. Many of the guys were gay so they probably didnt get a price from taking a look at my wife, but there were many male/female couples as well. Of course I liked looking at the girls, but I think my highlight was when I made eye contact using a woman who had been looking at me. That’s good for the ego!
I simply put a photo of me on that beach in a private album that just my EP friends can see. Right now I ‘ve only one friend on EP; will this get me more?

Though I Have considered myself a nudist, or naturist, for about 9 years now (I’m 41) I

really began down the path to truly being a nudist right before I entered my early teens. How I learned of nudism I do not recall. Since I was raised in an exceptionally conservative family I do remember that my parents view of it wasn’t positive. So I’m pretty sure doing something that my parents would be against was part of my motivation for me at the time.
During the summer of 1975 my mom got a job. Up until then she had been a stay at home mom while my dad went to work everyday. With my mother working now too it meant that suddenly I had the summer house to myself during the weekday.
I started by being naked inside the home while they were gone to work. Usually I’d only do things anyone might do but I would do it bare. One time I saw some sunshine coming in through the front door and decided I wanted to get outside naked.
At this time I should describe my neighborhood. It was an older blue-collar neighborhood in a major Texas city. My backyard was a little larger than half an acre. When they built the neighborhood they did not contain an street. At the far rear there were two really old wooden tool sheds (which play a part in the story later), some trees, plus a near jungle of bamboo that blocked views to the homes in the back. On both sides of the back yard were other homes with just a wire fence separating the lawns. This meant our property was open to viewing by neighbors on both sides. They’d fences, trees, and structures that meant none of the neighbors beyond them could be observed. The front yard was typical sized with a drive and no fencing or seclusion for most of it. We lived on a curve at an intersection with another area street.
My first encounters going outside bare were in my backyard when my parents were gone. I’d look to see whether the neighbors cars on both sides were gone (being that everyone worked I presumed that meant no one was home) and then strip and go out the back door. I found it exhilarating every time I did this. So I decided to find more ways to be naked outside more frequently. Which meant I needed to find a way to be bare when my parents were home.
I decided to convert one of the primeval tool sheds into my personal naturist resort. What I told my parents was that it’d be my club house. Of course since I didn’t have a club I suppose that did not matter. It would have simply seemed to them like another one of these crazy ideas I had all the time. Among the tool sheds, which I suppose had really been a fairly good sized workshop long time past, was in pretty good shape structurally but it was a disaster indoors. Decades of dirt and trash had piled up. So I grabbed a broom and paper towels and started cleaning. Once it was clean (to utilize the word loosely) it was time to allow it to be private. So I got some trash bags, which were solid black, and cut the seams and used them to cover a large open part that faced a neighbor’s house. Since the tool shed was in the far back buried in the bamboo I was secluded from our home and everyone else’s now. Plus, the other shed, which was bigger, gave added protection from the perspective of the neighbors. I really don’t understand how many hours that summer I spent out there listening to the radio or reading while naked.
But none of this was enough for me. So I decided to push .
In the summer of 1976 I began scaling out my bedroom window naked at night while my parents were asleep. My bedroom window was on the right or left side of the house using a brick wall dividing it from the neighbors. So being there meant I was outside looking at the front yard while naked. But since it was dark no one could see me from the street. The only threat was if my parents chose to check on me and found I was not in the room. Gradually I started to walk further and further in the lawn each night. Being that it was around midnight or after there was not any traffic and no one was outside but me. Nor could they see me from any windows. At least once or twice I jogged down the block to the stop sign and walked back.
But this wasn’t the largest danger I took. At the moment I also quit using the back door to get to my backyard when my parents were gone. Instead I made the decision to walk out the front door naked, in broad daylight, and around the house to the front gate. But rather than use the gate I’d climb over the fence only for the encounter. Anything to improve the sense of being nude. And this was when I started climbing trees in the back yard, which was risky too.
Now comes the extremely silly part of the story when it all falls apart. One day, Lord knows why, I chose to take the rubbish outside while naked. Perhaps I was nave and really thought I could only get away with this since I seemed to get away with so much else. Or perhaps it was the delight of the risk of being caught. Recall there was not an alley so garbage pick up happened in front of the house next to the street. So here I go wearing just my birthday suit out to the street carrying a bag of rubbish. And wouldn’t you understand it some neighbor kids (who I did not know) went by on their bikes, halted and stared for a second. I turned and walked back in the home scared I was going get in huge trouble. Nothing seemed to come of this over the next day or two so I figured it was cool. Boy was I wrong.
Later that week I went to a youth event down in Houston. Upon my return as I was dropped off by a buddy I saw my parents sitting on the front porch as they frequently did when the weather was pleasant. Nevertheless , as soon as I came up I saw they weren’t happy. It was then that I learned that the kids had told their parents who had phoned the police. The police had arrived while I was gone to investigate a report of a flasher. Nevertheless , once they spoke to the kids that had seen me they were so intimidated that they wouldn’t talk and the cops agreed not to pursue it.
Now don’t go believing I was out of the woods yet.

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As I wrote before my parents were quite conservative and didn’t approve of nudism. They just could not comprehend why I ‘d do something like this. And they talked about how disappointed they were in me. So this ended my outdoor nudist adolescent adventures to say the least.
Off and on through the years after I’d still sometimes be bare in . But even after getting married, my lovely wife and I did not go around the house nude. Then about 9 years ago I learned of Christian Naturists and found there was no conflict between my faith and naturism. The truth is, I learned that they actually go together. By seeing naturist web sites I learned more of naturist doctrine and body recognition. While my wife became a household nudist I accepted societal naturism as really being a large part of my entire life.
Now whenever the temperature allows I am nude at home. I’ve written numerous articles for the Christian Naturist newsletter Fig Leaf Forum. I keep two naturist web sites as well as participating here on Cat’s message board and others. And I’m a moderator of a local Yahoo Christian Naturist group, which meets together monthly. So now I’m participating in social nudist occasions at house parties and naturist resorts. All my close buddies are either naturists or know of and have no problem with my naturism.